Thank you to the voters in Minneapolis for your support!

I have worked very hard to get here. My team has worked hard, my friends and family have worked hard. There are just no words I can say to thank everyone for their support and their votes. Let’s go into this with ours heads held high and with big goals and dreams. This is where the real work begins. THANK YOU!

Listen to Collin's remarks following the election.

*Elected 2022*



School Board Member | At-Large

Minneapolis Public Schools

Endorsements & Distinctions

Creating Safe and Stable Schools

Strong Collaboration and Communication

Fully Fund Our Schools

Strengthen Contractual Protections

Transparency & Oversight

Shared Beliefs and Values

If not now, when?

Collin is running for school board to affect these key areas:

  1. Unity between the school board, unions and families

  2. Secure stable sources of funding for Public Education

  3. Recruit and retain BIPOC educators

  4. Accountability and transparency from the administration

  5. Advocate for more culturally-relevant programming and policies

"This is an historic opportunity for all of us. We must work together to re-establish the trust we have lost from the public over the past several years. Viewing each other as adversaries does nothing but harm our students. Unity and solidarity are not just words, but living, breathing things that we all need to work together to sustain. Let's bring 'all' our students back!" - Collin Beachy